Executive Mentoring & Coaching


Take your business and yourself to the next level. James will work with you & your Leadership Team to help remove the limiting beliefs which are holding you back, and to hone the expertise you need to perform at the very top of your game & accelerate your success.

  • Inspirational & highly motivational
  • Tailored programs of development
  • Continual or One-Off Breakthrough Sessions

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Seminars, Keynotes & Conferences


Inspire your team to do more, achieve more and become more, with an inspirational and motivational talk from James. He will work closely with you and your executive team to understand the results you want from the event, and design bespoke content to inspire and wow.

  • Improve your sales
  • Motivate & align your teams
  • Inspire your leaders
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Business Mastery Programs & Workshops


Give your entire organisation the knowledge it needs to breakthrough to the next level and the drive it needs to get further, faster. James’ Business Mastery Programs & Workshops are tailored to help your organisation achieve the results it needs, fast.

  • Inspired by the World’s leading organisations & leaders
  • Structured programs of work, tailored to your budget
  • Built around The 8 Areas of Business Mastery
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The 8 Areas of Business Mastery


These are the 8 key areas James works
through his Mentoring, Coaching &
Business Mastery Programs.


1. Goals & Vision Mastery

Establish your greatest vision for your business and align that vision with your personal goals. Learn the best ways to communicate that vision to your teams & the best planning system to get you there faster.

2. Systems & Procedure Mastery

Put the systems and procedures in place so that your business runs like a machine. Discover the most effective ways to communicate & integrate those procedures.

3. Money Mastery

Take control of your finances and master your cashflow. James will show you the only five ways to grow your business & help you to get more money flowing, faster.

4. Team & Training Mastery

Recruit the best people, provide continual training so they keep getting better and instil your core values into them.

5. Sales & Marketing Mastery

Drive more sales into your business using the World most effective marketing tools and techniques. Then turn every part of your business into a sales machine.

6. Time & Results Mastery

Learn the secrets of the most highly effective individuals & organisations on the planet to achieve much more with the time you have.

7. Products & Services Mastery

Establish your most profitable products & services and learn how to package them together in the best way to maximise sales and profits.

8. Customer Service Mastery

Focus on your most profitable customers and discover unique ways to continually wow them and turn them into raving fans.


“If all you do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll get is all you’ve ever got”



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