The 7 Pricing Strategies
Of THE Most Profitable

You are not an accountant, you’re a business owner.

But most accountants don’t have a business, they have chaos.

And while ever you have chaos, you’re unable to spend time on what’s important and you’ll forever be dragged into what’s not important.

This report will outline pricing strategies that will not only help you to control your profit, but also how to control your clients AND control your business.


"What James is doing for the accounting industry is like nothing I’ve seen - and everything I have long wished was available for accountants.  You have to come into this with big enthusiasm. Motivation. Disruption. Business-owner thinking, not accountant-thinking. Some late nights and weekends. A willingness to learn new skills and help your team do the same. When you do all that, the systems James describes in this book will never let you down"

Karen Reyburn - The Profitable Firm