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Introduction to Business Coaching


James Ashford’s Business Coaching Programs are designed for driven individuals and businesses who want tremendous success but also who are prepared to be challenged and reach for new heights.

As business owners, when we’re in the thick if it, it can be very difficult to see the solutions you need to move your business forward.  By having James in your corner, guiding you through creative thought processes and proven coaching programs, you will find the answers you’ve been searching for, to break through to that next level….. and beyond.

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How Business Coaching Works


This is how we structure the Business Coaching
Programs & Training to ensure the maxium
levels of success for you.


1. Get Your Bearings

The first stage in the process is to get your bearings for where you are now and where you want to get to. Maybe you don’t know where you want to go. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe you don’t even know where you are now. We can sort that out too. But step 1 is to get your bearings.

2. Choose YOUR Direction

If you’re the business owner, it’s important that what you want out of your business aligns with what you want out of life. Afterall, your business is only there to provide you with the life that you want, and if it isn’t doing that, you’re failing. So we align your goals and make sure the direction you’re taking is really YOURS.

3. Plan The Route

Once we know where we are, where we want to get to AND we’re confident that’s the right direction, then we’ll plan the scope of work that will get us there. This might be in the form of a structured Coaching or Training Program or it might be more to smash through the main challenges you’re facing right now.

4. Schedule Coaching Milestones

The next stage is to structure the Coaching sessions with the correct level of intensity that suits your time commitments and budget. Once these are scheduled they are set in stone and provide the framework for the coaching program, acting as milestones you MUST hit.

5. Accelerate

Moving your business forwards can be lonely and exhausting. In each coaching session James will provide you with all the motivation, positivity, inspiration and energy you will need to drive your business forwards with the unstoppable force that will need to arrive at your dream destination.

6. Stay On Track

Once you gather momentum, it’s important that you stay on track. James will have regular coaching sessions with you, create Action Plans and hold you accountable for what you agree to do. This will keep you on track towards your smashing your goals.

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The 9 Areas of Business Mastery


These are the 9 key areas James typically works
through with his Business Coaching clients
which you must master.


1. Goals & Action Planning

James will help you to establish the big vision for your business and align that vision with what you want out of life. He’ll then set 90 days plans to help to you to get there faster.

2. Systems & Procedures

Put the systems and procedures in place in your business so it runs like a dream, without you having to be as hands on as your are now.

3. Finances & Cashflow

Take control of your finances and master your cashflow. James will help you to get more money flowing to you faster.

4. People & Team

Create your organisational structure and set your rules of the game with your team so everyone’s pulling in the same direction.

5. Sales & Marketing

Generate more enquiries through the World’s most powerful marketing tools & strategies and learn how to convert those enquiries into sales.

6. Contracts & Legal

Protect your business and your future by ensuring you have the required contracts, policies, terms and conditions in place.

7. Products & Services

Establish your most profitable products and services and learn how to package them together in the best way to maximise sales and profits.

8. Clients & Customers

Focus on your most profitable customers and establish your rules of the game to wow them & manage their expectations.

9. Tools & Technology

Get the very best tools, software and technologies to help your business run like clockwork & give you the power of a global company.


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“If all you do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll get is all you’ve ever got”





We can get you thousands of pounds worth of Government funding towards your coaching, designed to help your business to grow faster. This will allow you to get your coaching discounted by as much as 70%. James Ashford has been selected as a partner in the Growth Accelerator Scheme.


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Got What It Takes?


Business Coaching requires intensive commitment from you and possibly your team. It is not a magic wand. It is going to challenge the way you think and do things. You must be open minded and prepared to do new things in new ways, otherwise all you’re going to get is exactly what you’ve got now.

If now is the right time; if you have the commitment, drive & determination to make positive changes towards the future that you’ve always desired, and if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes, then this is where James Ashford comes in.

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