I’m reading a great book at the moment called “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck, and there was an idea I wanted to share with you quick.

So there are two phrases which you use, but which you must be very careful with.

And these are “I CAN’T” and “I HAVE TO”.

These two simple phrases are like bars in a prison, and every time you use them, they actually remind you of the fact that you’re stuck.

And there are very few things which you ‘CAN’T’ do or that you ‘HAVE TO’ do.

You CAN’T fly unaided and you HAVE TO breath.

Other than that, you probably can, and you probably don’t have to.  So instead, CHOOSE to.



So this is the important word I want you to start replacing those two phrases with…CHOOSE.

So instead of saying, I CAN’T have time off with the kids today because I HAVE TO finish this proposal.

Say I’m CHOOSING not to have time off with the kids today because I have CHOSEN to finish this proposal because It’s important for me to attract this new client…or whatever.

Say I’m CHOOSING not to go and play golf today because I have CHOSEN to complete my VAT return instead.

Can you see the difference?

One traps you.

One frees you.

And the instant you realise it’s a choice, you can make a different one.



You could CHOOSE to automate your proposals with something like www.bidsketch.com

You could CHOOSE to get a bookkeeper in to complete your VAT return, or use a better accountancy package that does it for you like Xero.com or FreeAgent.com

But while ever you believe you CAN’T or that you HAVE TO, you’ll never see an alternative solution.

You’ll only see the bars of your own making.

And every time you say those words, your mind believes it a little more….which is dangerous.

So for the rest of the week, listen out for those words from yourself and from others, and replace them with CHOOSE.

I’d love to hear from you if this actually helps you with making a better choice.

And if you want any more help making simple but important mind changes, and you haven’t seen it already, go and check out my free video training series at www.TakeTheBrakesOff.com.



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