Accountants… Stop Using 20Yr Old Pricing & Sales Methods That Don’t Work Anymore!!!

I met with a firm of accountants who had a real issue with regards their pricing. They had several proposals out and none of the prospects were signing them, and they didn’t feel confident that those prospects were ever going to sign those proposals either.


And when I asked them how they’d arrived at the pricing that they had sent out, they said they’d be mentored by a very prominent person who very highly regarded with regards to pricing for the accounting industry.

They said they’d been taught to sell their premium-level service, their highest-end package to that client, and then if the client  isn’t happy with it and they don’t want to go ahead with it, take things out of it. Because nobody likes anything being taken away, and they won’t want that to happen, and so they’re more likely to sign up for your high-end package.

The problem is… that’s not what I advocate with the accountants that I work with around the world, OR what we do in the firm in which I’m a Director of.

I believe in being totally transparent and honest with all of our clients and aim to develop a life-long relationship with them.

And the only way that you can do that is with honesty and transparency and ethical pricing from the start.

In this video I explain how to switch it from being a ‘them and us’ situation and get on the same side as the client. This is how you develop lifelong relationships with your clients and maximise their lifetime value.


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