I first discovered this a couple of years ago at a Pret A Manger in Kings Cross Station, as I was about to board a train home. They wowed me by giving me a free cookie and since then, I manage to get one every time I go. This is not a blog article on how to get free cookies. It’s about how amazing companies like Pret WOW their customers & how you can too.


So Pret A Manger are an awesome company. Their food is awesome, ethically sourced and at the end of the day, they give their left over sandwiches to the homeless.

We don’t have a Pret near where I live, so whenever I visit a town or city with one, I tend to sneak in for a bit to eat and a coffee.

A few years ago I learned a technique that virtually guarantees me a free cookie or coffee, every times I go.

And what I’ve discovered is that their staff must be empowered to wow their customers with the occasional free gift.

Now I don’t know if this is based on order value, how good a day they’re having as a store or whether each member of staff has a gift allowance for that day. Either way it’s ace.

So before I give YOU some methods for working this into your business, here’s me in action.



So here are three steps I work with my clients on, to help them to deliver WOW to THEIR clients.

  • STEP 1 – Agree “To Deliver WOW With Every Interaction” as a Core Value of your business. This is directly inspired from Zappos.
  • STEP 2 – Agree a gift allowance for your staff to be able to spend on your clients. This may be an amount each month they can spend on whoever, or it may be more strategic in that you spend specific amounts on certain clients every month/quarter etc
  • STEP 3 – Make it easy for this to happen. Set up automated reminders. Create an account at Amazon or SwiftGift for your staff to use and finally, TRAIN them in how and WHY we do this.

This should not be forced but should be done out of a genuine desire to WOW your clients and to develop lifelong relationships with them.

This should not be a gimmick. This should be something you just want to do as a human being on planet earth, grateful that someone is spending their profit with YOU rather than with someone else.



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