James Ashford Black Cloth Strategy

I went into the Mercedes garage this week and there was a brand new Merc, covered in a black cloth with a small board in front of it.Now I already new about this because my mate Karl has a Mercedes and I asked him what he thought about it and he said…


“The best thing about it was when I picked it up.

They text me in the morning with a video from the sales guy, saying how excited they were to be presenting me with my car and showing me it under a black cloth.

When I arrived, there was my car with a board in front of it with MY name on. They gave us a bunch of flowers and as they whipped the cover off, all the staff stood around and applauded, videoed that and text that to me later too”

WOW I thought, isn’t that interesting?

But do you know what I thought the MOST amazing thing about that was???

Mercedes have spent well over 100 years and countless millions refining their product. They have pioneered nearly every safety feature on all modern cars. Their vehicles are stunningly crafted pieces of german engineering and yet…….

…….what people talk about is an iPhone video sent in a text, an A4 piece of paper with their name on, a black cloth and a round of applause.

Isn’t that amazing???

The thing that everyone is talking about is something that is so simple and costs next to nothing.

But what Mercedes have done is turn it into a STRATEGY which runs CONSISTENTLY every single time.

It’s a black cloth that made this Merc remarkable, ie worth remarking about.





So my question to you is….what is YOUR black cloth strategy? What makes, or could make your company REMARKABLE?

And how are you going to make it run CONSISTENTLY every time?

I’d love to hear what you do, so please fire them through and if you want ideas on this, get in touch because I’m a Black Belt in Black Cloth Strategies 😉


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