Everyone has their heroes. I have tremendous admiration for several business experts who I consider to be my mentors and who have greatly influenced the way I operate in business and act in my life. I would like to share these people with you in the hope that they may positively impact on your life too.

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Tony Robbins is one of those people who has genuinely transformed my life. When I went to see him, over the space of 4 days, he completely turned my life around and set me on a new track towards greater success and happiness. Read his books, listen to his audios, watch his videos and if you ever get the chance to see him speak, then take it. This guys is hugely inspirational and positively life changing. Check out Tony Robbins >>

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Jim Rohn is the guy who set Tony Robbins on his track. When Tony first met him, he was sleeping rough in his battered VW car, and Jim Rohn turned his life around with new ideas and ways of thinking. Sadly, Jim Rohn died in 2009, but his wonderful philosophies on life and business live on and continue to inspire great numbers of people. He is considered to be one of this first business thinkers. Listen to his audiobooks on iTunes. They’re ace. Check out Jim Rohn >>

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Grant Cardone blows my mind and makes me laugh evertyime I hear him talk. Absolutely full of life and energy, Grant Cardone is probably the World’s leading forces in Sales. And if you think selling is just about making money, you’re so wrong. Grant has amazing philosophies around selling and how it affects all areas of your life. His audiobooks just get me fired up and are a constant companion for me in the gym or on journeys. Check out Grant Cardone >>

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Seth Godin coined the expression – Permission Marketing. This philosophy is about marketing only to people who have given you permission to do so. It’s about developing relationships over time rather than knocking on lots of doors, annoying lots of people and playing the numbers game. He was one of the driving forces behind Yahoo! and his daily blog is a great source of inspiration and ideas. Check out Seth Godin’s Blog >>

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Jason Fried is Co-Founder of a very successful company called 37 Signals who developed some great online software systems such as Highrise & Basecamp. Once he built these successful businesses, he went on to tell everyone how he did it, through a book which he gave away called Getting Real. He then went onto write Rework which is a new way at looking at businesses and how they should run. Jason has been instrumental in the way I construct my own companies. Check out Jason Fried’s Ted Talk >>

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Mark Elkington is probably not somebody you know. Mark is my half brother and has been a huge source of inspiration to me from being a young child. Mark left school with ZERO qualifications; not one GCSE. He joined the army, became a roofing contractor and then worked down the pit. He then started learning again, got his qualifications and has worked his way up Director level of a multi £billion company. Mark’s secret to success is always to be grateful for what you have. When he had nothing, he was happy. And he’s still happy today. Amazing


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