The world of accounting has changed and it’s not like it’s been a slight rule change, it’s now a completely different game.

Cloud accounting came along, the likes of Xero came along and changed everything for everybody.

A lot of accountants thought this was going to be a great opportunity to give tremendous value to their clients but what they realized is that cloud accounting wasn’t enough.

There’s actually another level that you need to go to.

Cloud accounting put the power into your client’s hands and now with a touch of a button, they can submit invoices, they can get these fantastic reports, they can use things like receipt bank and use it to submit expenses and receipts into their accounting application.

Accountants thought that this was going to mean they could transition from just providing the compliance function to providing the full finance function of the business, where they could give fantastic value to their clients.

However it’s not been like that.

So what’s still happening is…  your highly paid, highly skilled accountants are STILL chasing your clients to get their accounts reconciled on time, to get their invoices out the door, to get their receipts submitted.

They’re wasting all of this time, chasing them, which means that the turnaround time is just as high as it was before and it means that you’re not as valued.

In fact, your valued less because now with cloud accounting, your clients can see what you’re doing to an extent.

They can see that submitting a VAT return is really easy because I can just push a button so what am I paying you all of this money for is what they’re thinking.

It turned out that cloud accounting, WASN’T the next level….. it was just the GATEWAY to the next level.

And for those pioneering accountants who are brave enough to venture into it, life becomes more exciting and the value you’re able to provide to your client massively increases.




On this next level…

  • You fulfil the FINANCE FUNCTION rather than just the compliance work or the basic accounting role.
  • You are seen as a PARTNER by your client, rather than a necessity.
  • You can command HIGHER FEES and sell more of your most profitable services to your clients.
  • You only attract the clients whom you can deliver the MOST VALUE to and who deeply value your service in return.
  • Your TURNAROUND TIME is the fastest it can be, providing timely, financial information, which allows your clients to make better decisions about the future.
  • Your highly paid, highly skilled accountants are LESS OVERWHELMED and able to deliver the highest level of service that they were trained to do.
  • Your business is FULLY SYSTEMISED with no cracks in the processes and where all of the heavy lifting is done on autopilot.
  • Your clients DO have their accounts reconciled on time because they were trained to do that from day one.
  • You provide your clients with a WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE.



To get onto this level, you need to have THE 7 KEY SYSTEMS in place which run your firm.

These need to have NO CRACKS for clients to fall down, must run on AUTOPILOT where possible and must be underpinned with key fundamental PRINCIPLES that get everyone behaving as they need to.

These true systems then allow your firm to transcend to the ultimate level, which is where you provide INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES to your clients.

In my book “SELLING TO SERVE”  – The Breakthrough Sales System For Accountants.

I outlined these 7 Key Systems and provide you with the blueprint for the SALES SYSTEM, which is where the real relationship begins.

It is due for release on Tuesday 1st November.

Pre-Order your free copy now and let me help YOU and YOUR FIRM to step fully into this new world.








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