"The stronger your foundations, the higher you can build." - James Ashford


James Ashford is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker and #1 bestselling author.

James built a proposal software business from scratch, with no investment, in a new industry and with strong competition….

…and within 5 years, built to to be the industry’s leading proposal software, with world-class levels of customer service and outstanding results for their customers.

After a lot of interest in the business, he sold it in 2021 for a maximum valuation, leading to an 8-figure exit to a FTSE 100 company.

People said it was an overnight success story…. but it had been a LONG night, with over a decade of failures and learnings, prior to him starting, scaling and successfully exiting that business.

James is now committed to helping ambitious entrepreneurs to avoid the mistakes he made, and to achieve the stratospheric levels of success in their businesses, so they can ultimately live the life they want.

And it all starts with the foundations.


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